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Do you love to shop online but worried about the rising costs? No need to worry now. Read this article to know about 5 simple tips which you can use to save money while shopping online in India.

Online shopping or eCommerce has seen exponential growth in India. Online shopping is extremely convenient, easy, hassle free and offers far more advantages than traditional methods of shopping. Many people directly visit the eCommerce sites and purchase the products, however a bit of research and smartness can help you to save money on your purchases at these sites. Below are 5 simple tips which you can use to save money on your purchases online.

Use coupon codes

Almost all online shopping sites publish coupon codes which enable you to get discount on your purchases at respective sites. You just need to search for the coupon codes online and find the best coupon code suiting your needs and offering maximum possible discount. Once you have the coupon code, use/apply it during your order or payment to get the specified discount. There are a lot of sites in India which list down coupon codes of online shopping sites in India. You can just search for the term ‘online shopping site name + coupon’s in the search engine to see the coupon codes.

Shop during festive season

Ecommerce sites launch various promotional offers and deals during festival season like Diwali, Christmas and Raksha Bandhan etc. If you are planning to purchase high ticket items like cameras, laptops etc then you can wait till the festive season and do your purchases then. This will help you to get good discounts and in turn save your money.

Use cashback sites

Cashback sites are sites which offer you a certain amount or percentage of your purchase amount at ecommerce sites as cashback. These sites work on the concept of affiliate marketing where ecommerce sites pay the cashback sites a certain commission for every sale that is done through them. The cashback sites then pass some of this amount as cashback back to the user.

Use price comparison sites

Price comparison sites, as the name suggests are sites which enable you to search for the product of your choice and the search results will list down the prices for the same product at different ecommerce sites. Some price comparison sites even fetch and display details like shipping charge, delivery time etc for the product that you have searched. This will help you to see the ecommerce site which sells the product for the cheapest price and hence save your money.

Browse daily deal sites and forums

Daily deal sites aggregating sites are sites which list out popular and value for money deals for several products across different online shopping sites. You can browse these sites and forums before your online purchases to find the best deal or offer offering highest discount.

These are some tried and tested ways which can help you to save money on your purchases at online shopping sites.If you have any ideas or comments regarding this post, please share it through response box below at the end of the post.

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