Techniques of electricity savings in home appliances

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This resource deals with the general and helpful tips/ habits which saves the electricity (reduce energy) when using electrical/electronic appliances like TV, refrigerator, air conditioner, dishwasher, computer, oven, hairdryer etc. You have to be very careful to save the electricity by proper care and handling while using electronic/electrical appliances.
Nowadays electric/electronic appliances are so common that it is not possible to imagine living without them. Everyone has to use them but these appliances increase your monthly household bill also. So, if proper care is not taken in terms of use, electricity bill may increase. You can follow these power saving tips/handling tips to reduce electricity bill and eventually you are contributing to saving the environment.

Electricity savings in Air Conditioner (A.C.)

  • Set the temperature of A.C. according to use and according to season.
  • Keep in mind, A.C. is an accessory, not the necessity, you can even turn off when it is not required. Generally, A/C is required in summer conditions.
  • You can use A.C. in an alternate manner means when comfort atmosphere is set by A.C., you can turn it off. Hence you will reduce energy
  • Change or clean the filter of your A.C. because inefficient filter may use higher power than required.
  • Follow maintenance schedule and do as per instructions are given in appliance manual.

Electricity savings in Refrigerator

Almost each house is occupied with refrigerator. So, proper care must be taken to save power.

  • Clean the back side (condenser) of refrigerator properly at some regular time interval to keep heat release efficient otherwise this will increase the load on your refrigerator and eventually higher power will be required. Do cleaning by vacuum cleaner once a year.
  • Always close the door of refrigerator properly. Open or partially opened door will increase the load on evaporator of refrigerator.
  • If the door does not close automatically, put some inserts on the front base of a refrigerator to tilt the refrigerator somewhat to the wall side to have gravity effect on a door.
  • Change the rubber gasket/seal of a door if it found loose.
  • Occasionally defrost the freezer section of the refrigerator to avoid layers of ice inside the freezer. These ice layers will cause refrigerator to take longer time to cool the fruits/vegetables/things kept in the refrigerator.
  • Do not put anything warm in a refrigerator. This will increase load on evaporator.
  • Do not put refrigerator too close to the wall. This will give less space for heat release from condenser.
  • Always load the refrigerator 75%. Do not overload the refrigerator. Have some space between each thing for easy circulation of cool air.

Electricity savings in Dish Washer

  • Do not open door of dishwasher too often. This will save power.
  • Have use of the full capacity of a dishwasher.
  • Use dishwasher when require, you can wash the dishes when you want the change. This will save electricity too.

Electricity savings in Cloth Drier

  • Have a proper filling of cloths in cloth drier. Too less or more than specified clothes will use more power than require.
  • Too tight filling of clothes will put the load on a machine to move. Have separate placing of soft and hard clothes.
  • Clean the filter of cloth drier before filling clothes to it.
  • Use cloth drier in monsoon or when you have less time to dry. Always have a habit of drying clothes in open area by sunlight and wind.

Electricity savings in Electric Stove

  • Use flat bottom and tightly closed vessel to use in the electric stove.
  • Use vessel with the material having higher heat transfer capacity (i.e. thermal conductivity). This will require lower heat and cooking will be easy with lower power.
  • Vessel having small bottom than size of coil (of electric stove) will eventually waste the heat and this will increase power requirement.

Electricity savings in Television (TV)

  • Use the television when require. Set volume of a TV to the audible range. A higher sound will require more power.
  • Do not keep DVD player in ON condition when not in use. This will increase load on system.
  • Use energy efficient TV like LCD and LED. The initial cost will be higher for LCD and LED but eventually, it will save enough power.

Electricity savings in Computer

  • Keep monitor in standby mode when not using the computer for some time period.
  • Turn off monitor or screen of the laptop. This will save enough energy.
  • Use LED, LCD monitors for PC. Usually, CRT monitor requires more power and nowadays they are outdated.

General Electricity savings tips

  • Replace old ceiling fans, this will run efficiently compared to old ones.
  • Replace conventional old fan regulators with electronic regulators, which will use the power according to the speed of fan.
  • Have a proper sealing of home when using A.C. and room heaters. Use automatically door closer like hydraulic door closer.
  • Use solar equipment whenever it is possible.
  • Cultivate habit of switching off the appliances when not require.
  • Use sun light in home during day time.
  • Have a color of room light so it will reflect more light and room looks lightening.
  • Always use electric iron with automatic temperature cut-off facility and do not iron wet clothes.
  • De-dusting the lightning appliance to have proper illuminations
  • Replace conventional lightning by CFL tubes or if possible use LED only.

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